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Lisa and her team did an awesome job at our house after our ice dam damage. She brought in dehumidifiers almost immediately and came a couple days later to retest the moisture levels. Then she inspected and replaced the affected insulation. I cannot express how grateful we are to Lisa and her team! We were very pleased with the work and attention she gave us.

Jessica P.

We had a water issue in our basement following flooding , we put fans in for a week and thought we had everything under control. Within a week we smelled musty odors and saw mold growing on our drywall. I called Lisa she came out within a day. She explained everything and worked diligently with our insurance to get us covered, when at first they told us we were not covered, but this girl pulled it off!!! They even did the reconstruction, putting us back to where we were. No where can you find company that does all that. What a relief and pleasure it was to work with her.

Thanks Again

Kathy L.

I don't normally leave reviews but I was so happy with the service provided by Lisa and her crew I just had to. We have a houseboat that we stay in over the summer months. My kids were sick and we could smell the musty odors. Lisa came in assessed the situation, found the problem and did all the clean up and remodeling that was needed. She even had a separate testing company come in to make sure she did her job. I now feel safe with our children spending time on our boat. We have her check it out yearly to make sure there are no other problems. I would not hesitate to call her anytime.

Louise G.

Ms. Roselli was the driving force in restoring a residential property which was an asset in a bankruptcy case in which I was the Trustee. After the property suffered significant damage as the result of a winter storm, the lender contacted her and she pulled out all stops to halt the damage and initiate repairs. She worked directly with the insurance carrier and was responsive, creative, tireless and efficient in the repair process. The finished product was impressive and accomplished within the available budget. I would not hesitate to use Ms. Roselli and her company should I ever require water damage and mold remediation services in the future.

Karen R. Goodman

Shefsky & Froelich Law

When mold was found in our attic in the middle of selling our home, we panicked. Ms. Roselli came out gave us a price and fixed the problem. The buyers wanted thousands more off the price of the home and we could have still been involved in a law suit. thank you for coming to our rescue. Our home is sold and we made sure to have our home inspector check for mold in our new house before buying it.

Thanks Again

Julie O

Now that life has begun to settle down at our home I wanted to take the time to thank the crew for helping us through this difficult and emotional process. It was a huge project to have our entire basement “gutted” and all of the contents treated, we appreciated being informed throughout the process of the techniques and treatments to bring our home back to being a safe environment and saving as much of our contents as possible. Without Lisa Roselli’s expertise and support I am not sure we would have survived. We now have the confidence that our home is safe and the knowledge to prevent this from happening again. The staff was respectful of our home and worked tirelessly under Lisa’s direction to reach that goal. I will always be grateful to you all.

P Castronova

No adage has withstood the test of time like “your home is your castle”. So it’s easy to understand that when something horrific happens to your home like flooding or water damage from other sources, it means so much when you can turn to someone who is a consummate professional, willing and able to help you through the remediation process.

From my first conversation with Lisa I knew I was dealing with an extremely knowledge professional and someone who was just as interested in customer education as getting the


I have had the opportunity to work with three other “Mold Remediation” companies in the area and they all paled in comparison to the service and professionalism we received from Lisa Roselli

Most consumers have little or no knowledge of the dangers mold poses to their health. As a health care professional I have first hand experience with the devastation fungal infections can cause and can be life-threatening. Lisa always put my Mother’s health first on many fronts:

Hello, Lisa:

Thank you so much for all your help, assistance and encouragement. I really appreciate it. I will look at this link and look into that book at Home Depot. Lisa, really, you have gone above and beyond and for someone like me, who began knowing nothing and feeling overwhelmed, you have been an angel and a blessing. I really appreciate you. Not many people reach out to help others for free, and you are definitely one of those special people who does help.I will be in touch.

Peace and blessings,

Kari L

I panicked when I saw mold in my basement. I thank God my insurance agent gave me Lisa’s number. The remediation was not covered by my insurance, but having Lisa and her crew here was worth it. Lisa came out the next day to evaluate things and her crew went to work the following day. It was more extensive then we first thought, but Lisa and her crew worked continuously until it was all cleaned up. They were very professional, timely, friendly, hard working, and left everything very clean. Lisa goes above and beyond, you can tell she’s passionate about her work. She helped me understand what had happened and what they were doing. When I had the air hygienist come to test the air, he said, Lisa did a very good job. It was very reassuring when the tests came back and we cleared. I’ve already recommended Lisa to someone else and will continue to do so.

Mold remediation is nothing to fool around with and if you want the job done right, call her.

Thank you Lisa so very much!

P. Meyer

We were devastated when we found out we had mold on our boat. We contacted everyone and no one knew how to help. One call to Lisa Roselli and the damaged was assessed and corrected. They even contacted our insurance company and got most all of it covered under our policy. Now I feel safe sleeping on our boat with my children. Wonderful to work with can't thank you enough.

Maryann L

We could not believe that our brother had taken his own life. The aftermath was devastating and was emotionally draining After contacting Lisa and her company we knew we were in the right hands. She was compassionate and handled everything from start to finish, even dealing with our insurance I do not wish this on anyone. But when it came to handling the removal clean up and remodeling of  my brothers home we were put at ease with Lisa's help. Thank You God bless!!!

Susan M.