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AFD "Air Filtration Devices" & Restoration

Here is a list of building materials frequently encountered and disturbed by restorative drying companies that would require the use of AFDs on a job site:

Suspended ceiling tiles: Overexposure to airborne dust may cause respiratory, skin and eye irritation. Overexposure to respirable crystalline silica or man-made vitreous fiber may cause serious chronic or delayed lung disease or cancer. (From the warning label)

Fiberglass insulation: There is a possible cancer hazard by inhalation. Avoid breathing fiberglass dust. Operations such as sawing, blowing, tear out and spraying may generate airborne concentrations requiring additional respiratory protection. (From the warning label)

Cement board: Contains respirable crystalline silica. This may cause cancer. (From the warning label)

VCT floor tile: Existing in-place resilient floor coverings and asphaltic adhesives may contain asbestos fibers and/or crystalline silica. These products should not be sanded, dry swept, dry scraped, drilled, sawed or chipped. (From the warning label of new product.)

Wood dust: This has been classified as a nasal carcinogen in humans. This can cause allergic respiratory effects, eyes and skin irritation. (From the wood dust web page.)

Stain proof grout: This product contains crystalline silica. This may cause cancer if inhaled. (From the warning label.)

Drywall: This product contains crystalline silica. This can cause lung disease or lung cancer. Exposure to dust generated during the handling or use of the product may cause temporary irritation to eyes, skin, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. (From the MSDS sheet.)

Stone tile dust: This may contain crystalline silica. This is a known cancer producer.

Household dust: Household dust harbors a cocktail of toxic chemicals that have been linked to an increased risk of a range of health hazards, from cancer to problems with fertility, researchers in the U.S. have found. (From The Guardian.)

Laminate flooring: This is a wood-based product and wood dust may be generated while cutting, sawing, sanding, machining or otherwise altering this product. Wood dust has been classified by the State of California as a substance known to cause cancer. (From the warning label.)

As a reasonable observer, one can see from this short list of materials frequently disturbed, unknown and potentially dangerous dusts may be created. It would seem prudent and reasonable to expect some form of air filtration device be placed on all water restoration projects, no matter the category.